I am the ocean floor.
Are you the kind of person to dump someone your dating because they're too crazy for you? And then lie and give them another reason. asked by Anonymous

I feel like you’ve got some sort of deep emotional anguish because somebody did this to you or something
but no I am not. I wouldn’t dump someone because they’re too crazy unless they like pull a knife on me or something in which case I’d say you’re fuckin crazy bye

Posted 1 day ago
Fuck idk anymore asked by Anonymous


Posted 1 day ago
No i dont. asked by Anonymous

ok nvm

Posted 1 day ago
I miss you asked by Anonymous

well talk to me or something if u miss me ok

Posted 1 day ago
Whats your favorite animal asked by Anonymous

I love raccoons and deer and squirrels and meerkats ah

Posted 1 day ago
Do you have a favorite thing to do when at home? asked by Anonymous

no jk I like to play my guitar a lot idk

Posted 1 day ago
How are you doing?? asked by Anonymous

I’m okay y’know just breathin and makin it through life u get me

Posted 1 day ago
What's your favorite dessert? asked by Anonymous

love cheesecake ugh fuck when I die I want to be buried in cheesecake

Posted 1 day ago
Favorite sea creature? asked by Anonymous

fuck man I don’t know the Montauk Monster idk

Posted 1 day ago
Who/what do you miss? asked by Anonymous

I miss the people who once meant a lot to me and I miss being fearless and being able to do hoodrat shit without paranoia

Posted 1 day ago